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About us - Vision + Values


We wish to help our fellow men gain access to top quality products and services which will contribute to the creation of a healthier, more productive and happier society.


Our values


Scientific Morals & Sense of Responsibility

Health treatments should be executed properly in order to achieve beneficial results, thus constant cooperation with the treating doctors is mandatory in order to provide the best possible solution. The effective and focused cooperation with the medical scientific community is a fundamental condition to achieve our mission and we will continue to invest in this relationship so that we can offer more and more benefits and solutions to our customers.


Exceptional & Non-negotiable Quality

We love everything that works exceptionally. We also despise mediocrity. That is why when we decide to create a new product or service, we obsess over making it perfect at any cost and no matter how many hours we have to invest in it. Besides, our mission depends on that. This is the reason why we will never offer something that we will not have researched in detail, have inspected and have made sure that its quality is truly exceptional.


Trust with Proof

We know very well that trust is earned and in fact not easily. We believe that, first of all, we should value (and then ask to be valued) our public in any immediate beneficial way. That is why we have decided to offer special terms and benefits to vulnerable social groups that need it, to invest in open public knowledge for health matters and offer 1% of our annual profit to important humanitarian purposes with transparency and accountability.


Active Humanitarianism

We have devoted our effort and mission to help as many individuals as possible to live a better and healthier life, regardless of their origin, skin colour, sexuality and religion. We believe, first of all, in the humanitarian aspect of science and we will always place the interests of humanity above all. We will fight endlessly, day and night, to help humanity and our culture to have a better future with unprecedented prosperity and progress.


Respect for Everyone

We try to treat all patients with the same respect, from the most serious and urgent cases to the simplest yet important daily needs. We believe that all individuals deserve a life of better quality, regardless of the severity of their health problems or their social status and that all individuals must have our undivided attention. For us, health as well as every individual's life is unique and equally important.

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