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What is Individualized Pharmaceutical Treatment

It is the individualized modification of a pharmaceutical treatment for the better absorption of the essential active ingredients from the body.

Thanks to our modern high-tech facilities, the training and the certified know-how of the staff of our Laboratory, we are able to offer high quality individualized services and top standard specialized preparations.


Which needs do we fill

  • Pain management
    Manage pain with preparations customized on you, the cause and the type of pain you are experiencing.

  • Wound care
    Promote wound & injury healing with gels and polyacetate bandages containing ingredients suitable for your case.

  • Hormone therapy
    Fight menopause or andropause symptoms by choosing the right preparation dosage and type that meets your needs.

  • Adrenal gland dysfunction/ Thyroid imbalance
    Benefit from the advantages of natural thyroid, the mixing of pure T3 or T4 powder and get rid of intolerant fillers or excipients.

  • Dermatology
    Fight the problem that you are experiencing with topical treatments that respect your skin or an individualized treatment customized to the way of administration that meets your needs.

  • Veterinary medicine
    Benefit from a wide range of individualized veterinary services and maximize the therapeutic success of the treatment that you need.

  • Sports medicine
    Repair injuries while avoiding the side effects of common medicines and ensure a faster recovery.

  • Pediatrics
    Adjust your child’s pharmaceutical treatment with various methods to individualize medication and make it more pleasant and effective.

  • Podiatry
    Combine multiple compatible medicines in a single dosage or use penetration enhancers to benefit from your medication more.


Solutions we offer

We offer the following individualized top quality services and products:

  • Capsules

  • Oral suspensions

  • Oral solutions

  • Creams

  • Ointments

  • Rectal or vaginal suppositories

  • Nasal spray

  • Throat spray

  • Eye drops

  • Powder


Suggested Individualized Solutions

Swallowing problems: We can convert a solid preparation (capsule, tablet, powder) to a syrup (suspension) for a patient having trouble swallowing (dysphagia).

Improving taste: It is possible to add flavor enhancers to treatments so that they are more enjoyable for both children and adults.

Lack of medicine: We fill your needs in case of lack of the prescribed medicine by creating a new one with the same active substance.

All the preparations are made entirely in the laboratory of Physis Laboratory, using top quality raw materials while we abide by all the necessary specifications stated by the treating doctor.


Which patient groups are benefited more?

Although the results of the individualized pharmaceutical treatment are useful to all types of patients, there are certain population groups that experience multiple positive effects and their lives can change dramatically:

  • Population groups whose particular genome does not allow specific active substances to be effective.

  • Individuals with much more or less weight or volume than usual.

  • People who experience problems with swallowing or other common problems regarding the administration of a medication.

  • Individuals who suffer from chronic diseases that demand continuous, complex and time consuming treatments.


With the individualized pharmaceutical treatment, the patients enjoy better results and often spend less money in comparison with a non effective treatment that might last a long time.


What are the benefits of the individualized pharmaceutical treatment for the Healthcare professionals?

Individualized pharmaceutical treatment has many benefits for both the patients and the healthcare professionals. By being aware of every patient’s unique features as well as which active substances have a better effect, treating doctors and healthcare providers can offer even more targeted treatments that are adjusted to every case.

In our laboratory, we can carry out prescriptions of every kind with complete safety and integrity. The preparations offered are entirely created in our certified laboratory, using only raw materials of high quality while we abide by all the necessary specifications stated by the patient’s treating doctor.


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What are the benefits of individualized pharmaceutical treatment for the Pharmacists?

Out laboratory offers a range of specialized services for individualized treatments for Pharmacists so that they can serve their patients even more effectively.

From the initial recording of a patient's particular needs to the preparation and delivery of the formulations to the Pharmacist, our laboratory ensures top quality and speed of service, always remaining professional to ensure long term cooperation.

Contact us at  hello@physislaboratory.com


Would you like more information on the individualized treatment services we can offer for your specific case?

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