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About us - Our Story

The story of Physis Laboratory begins with the experience that Spyros gained in his father’s family pharmacy. Although his grandfather established the first family pharmacy almost 80 years ago in 1972, his father established his own pharmacy in Martiou 66, where Spyros, since his childhood, became familiar with pharmacology and its various aspects.

Spyros realizes from the beginning that the pharmacy is not just a store that sells pharmaceutical products, but a place where people meet their pharmacist-friend and confide in him their health problems and not only. Through this daily process of coming in contact with the patient and friend, he began understanding that every person is different and that personalized pharmaceutical care could solve many problems that came up while following the standard process.

His father’s premature death forced Spyros, who was still a student, to take over the pharmacy. Right after the completion of his university studies, he continues the family business while upgrading its philosophy and tradition. He names the family business “Pharmacy of Nature” and starts pursuing alternative treatments. At the same time, as he wants to expand the know-how of the pharmacy services, he started studying homeopathy for another two years.

At that time, he meets Olga whose passion for healing herbs and natural healing methods complements perfectly his passion and experience. Soon, they start planning an even more ambitious and long term vision for the future of the company. They come up with new ideas, implement modern formulations and create for the first time their own preparations and products, gaining at the same time valuable know-how on the design and production of healing products in the field of health.

This effort escalates in 2010 when in the midst of the worst economic crisis our country has ever experienced, they decide to build the first ever complete laboratory of individualized and alternative treatments in Greece. They founded Physis Laboratory which is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and functions according to the European Principles GPP (Good Preparation Practices) and only in a few years, they now manage to serve patients, health care providers, as well as pharmacies all over the country on a daily basis.

During the following years, they began creating more and more products based on natural beneficial raw materials and in 2018 they decided to establish physislaboratory.com, a modern online organization that aims at helping individuals from Greece and abroad who could not have easy access to more effective pharmaceutical treatments and methods until now.

Additionally, through physislaboratory.com, a wide range of wellness, nutrition, hygiene and care products are available for every need and age as well as services of individualized pharmaceutical care and preparations.

At this time, both co-founders are continuing to look for new ways which will contribute to the improvement of their fellow human beings’ quality of life and the improvement of the way treating physicians are served.

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