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Hazelnut Oil - Corylus Avellana
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Hazelnut Oil - Corylus Avellana
Size (1)*: 30ml clear please select size


Organic Hazelnut oil, suitable for raw consumption. Rich in fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamin E, it reduces cholesterol levels and the effects of oxidative stress.



Its properties

• Antioxidant

• Antilipidemic

• Anti-atherogenic


Why we formulated it

Hazelnut oil shows a rich profile of monounsaturated fatty acids, minerals (selenium), antioxidant phenols, dietary fiber and vitamin E. It has anti-atherogenic properties, as it has been proved to reduce oxidative stress. Its intake leads to a decrease in cholesterol concentration and serum hyperlipidemia.



How to use

• After cleansing, massage it on the skin for hydration and nourishment.

• You can mix it with other oils, such as Almond Oil.

• Add it to sauces, salads and dishes with rice or chicken.




Not recommended for frying.



Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


The Physis Laboratory natural oils are packaged in certified, airtight and dark-colored vials with safety caps to ensure the quality of the oil.



Do not use after the expiration date which printed on the packaging.



It is made of

Hazelnut oil is extracted from the seeds of the Corylus Avellana plant via cold pressing.


Formulated with

100% Hazelnut oil (Corylus Avellana seed oil)



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