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Our online store, which operates through the website https://farmakiotisfisis.gr/farmakeio-tis-fysis/  has been properly designed to ensure the data security of the users browsing the website as well as that of the online store, according to everything prescribed by the Legislation in effect and specifically the REGULATION (EE) 2016/679 “for the individuals’ protection against the processing of personal data and for the free flow of data”. In this context, we adopt and implement appropriate technical and organizational measures and procedures that allow us to protect your personal data, which are being processed while you are browsing our website or you shop at our online store. Within this framework, these Terms of Use describe our Cookie Policy.


Cookies are small files which are saved in the device used by the user, either temporarily (session cookies), or permanently (persistent cookies) and contain information about browsing a website. Cookies are important for the right and uninterrupted operation of our website. We use cookies in order to adjust our services and offer our clients products that are more likely to belong among their preferences based on their previous choices. The type of Cookies that we use are presented by category as follows:

  • Cookies that are important for the proper operation of our online store and the user’s browsing on our website.

  • Cookies that allow our users to verify their registration details and have access to their personal account.

  • Cookies that allow us to present our users with individualized offers depending on their interests.

  • Cookies that allow the collection of statistical data (e.g. number of visits)

  • Functionality Cookies that allow the website to retrieve the users’ former choices(e.g. username, language etc.)

  • Advertisement Cookies that help us design marketing policies and promote products that are compatible with our customers' preferences.

  • Social Network Cookies: That type of Cookies is necessary for the interaction of your social network accounts with our website. For example, they are useful in order to share your experiences on social media. Social Network Cookies are not necessary for browsing our website. If you need further information regarding the Social Network Cookie use policies, you can check the privacy and cookie policies at the following links:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/legal/cookies/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/static?template=privacy_guidelines


I. Cookies are important to be able to perform certain tasks through our website and our online store, specifically:

  • Submission, cancelation and modification of orders

  • Conduct payments for the selected products through the e-shop

  • User account creation, password change, unobstructed user login and logout, use of the functions of the user account

  • Order submission and processing of payments made by users as guests, that is, users who are not members of the website

  • Creation of an individualized environment for our users

II.Additionally, cookies allow us to hold user activity records, which helps us to: 

  • Constantly upgrade the quality of the services that we offer by adjusting our business policies according to our customers’ needs

  • Demonstrate products that are preferred by our customers according to their browsing history on our website
  • Collect data that indicate the trends that our customers follow

III. Cookies also allow us to:

  • Identify devices via which our users browse our website
  • Deal with technical or other problems that our customers might rarely encounter while using our website, in time
  • Improve our website and our online store design

IV. Moreover, via our website, the user can be transferred to the Facebook Group that our pharmacy has created, by following the link www.facebook.com/farmakiotisfisis.

When the user is browsing our Facebook Group, he automatically consents to the usage of Cookies used by the specific social network. 


Informing our users with regard to our Cookie policy and the option to accept the usage of cookies or not, is an important aspect of our general Cookie policy because we wish for our users to use our website unobstructed and be aware of the available customization options. Therefore, when you browse our website for the first time the following message will be displayed on your screen: I ACCEPT THE COOKIES TERMS OF USE FROM PHYSIS LABORATORY

By choosing “I ACCEPT THE COOKIES TERMS OF USE FROM PHYSIS LABORATORY” you accept the terms of use of cookies.

By choosing “OPTION MANAGEMENT OF COOKIES TERMS OF USE”, you have the option to customize your navigation by choosing which Cookies will remain deactivated. You can also deactivate Cookies following the corresponding steps and directions of your Web browser. However, you should keep in mind that several functions and options offered by our website will not be available in case you deactivate certain cookies such as:

- the ability to have access to your account and to the User Options

- the ability to submit orders 

- the ability to conduct payments for products through our online store

For the reasons stated above, we suggest that you accept the Cookie policy considering the fact that our company has taken the appropriate technical and organizational measures and implements all the prescribed procedures to ensure that the use of our website is completely safe and our customers’ data remain saved in a safe form so as to minimize the possibility of data breaches.


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